Workshop "Ways to a play-friendly school" in St. Pölten

By Paul Schober, GeSoB

On 24 April 2018 the workshop " Ways to a play-friendly school " took place in the premises of the School „Schule im Park“. The participants were policy makers, directors, special educators, leisure educators and teachers.

The main purpose of this meeting was to present our outcomes from the National Adaption Plan and to discuss further steps.

We started with the presentation of the CAPS project and then went on to discuss the results of the research (NAP) in Austria. Afterwards, we initiated a lively exchange on the following topics:

1) Value of play for children and adults

2) Challenges for a "play-friendly school"

3) Possibilities for design within the school

4) Need for support for schools

We received a lot of positive feedback in the discussions and many participants were enthusiastic about the idea.

An argument that is often mentioned and that we are familiar with is that due to strict curricula there is often not enough room for the children to play.

The atmosphere in the meeting was very good, we absorbed the professional inputs and we were able to win further network partners to spread the idea of CAPS as widely as possible in Austria.

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