Play Friendly School Labels Awarded in Hungary

By Dora Halasz

In the frame of the CAPS project, four of the Hungarian pilot schools gained the Play-friendly School Label. The schools worked hard to elaborate on and to implement their play-friendly strategy and action plan to the extent it was possible in the present pandemic situation.

All schools managed to introduce the necessary play time, the play spaces are being shaped and they started to collect the loose parts for promoting children’s free play.

The main difficulties caused by the pandemic were the lack of personal meetings and the uneasy supply of loose parts during the lock down. The school year restarted in autumn, but now pupils should avoid overcrowded spaces, which means that the usage of inner play spaces had to be split up between the classes.

Despite all the difficulties, the handover ceremonies went well and in good spirit. We visited three schools and are convinced that they are on the way to further improve their play-friendly program.

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