CAPS Quality Criteria & Possibilities for implementation within the school pt.2

By Paul Schober, GeSoB

On 9 March 2020 we had our first School Staff Workshop and had the chance to discuss the CAPS outcomes with the school management and teachers in the “Volksschule Neulengbach”. We presented and discussed the Quality Criteria developed in the project and collected inputs for the implementation within the framework of schools.

The main purpose of this meeting was to present our outcomes on Quality Criteria and to gather inputs for further steps regarding the CAPS implementation in Austria.

We started with the presentation of the CAPS project and then went on to discuss the following main topics:

1) The natural habitat of children is shrinking,

2) which causes a lack of learning and development opportunities,

3) which are important for the holistic development of young people.

4) Discussion of the OPAL Programme – Outdoor Play and Learning

In this workshop we again discussed that the curricula for schools are very dense and that it is sometimes difficult for school management to create the necessary freedom for play.

On the part of the group the project was very well received and there is a lively interest in implementing the project results.

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