Workshop "Ways to a play-friendly school" in St. Pölten

By Paul Schober, GeSoB

On 28 September 2019 the workshop " Ways to a play-friendly school " took place in the premises of the chamber of Labour in St.Pölten. The participants were special educators, leisure educators and teachers.

The participants were open-minded and curious, and they were very happy to take part in every playful activity. The memories of their own childhood and play memories from that time brought them into a positive, playful mood. Many activities helped them to understand play from the children's point of view. The theoretical part convinced the participants of the necessity of freely chosen play.

Through theory and practical examples, the participants became aware of the attitude of adults towards children's play. Many were surprised at the personal insights gained from their own childhood (triggers).

The participants joyfully took many practical tips, activities and exercises with them, all of which could be implemented immediately in everyday working life. Rarely, according to their own statement, was there so much laughter, but also so much learning.

There were numerous requests for more and more workshops, for which school principals in particular should attend also. As is so often the case when it is so interesting and full of content, the participants felt that the time was too short according to the importance of play in children's growth.

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