Adults playing and having fun!

Gábor Páll, Rogers Foundation, Hungary

a beautiful picture of teamwork and engagement

During a workshop in Petöfi Sándor Altalanos Iskola, a school in Janoshida, we had the most beautiful view of engagement, motivation and team building. In this school, teachers were very motivated and excited about the project and the workshop. During the activities they were laughing, smiling, playing and having fun. We were so happy!

When the time came for discussing their action plan, they were divided in small teams of three people and we could see the magic happening. They sat beside each other forming a circle and they were so close and so focus that their heads were almost touching. It made us think of a group of children sharing stories and secrets that only they can listen. It was a beautiful picture of teamwork and engagement, which can be seen into practice as they manage to build the CAPS box from zeros in only two months!

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